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Wide range of plywood

10 varieties, 8 grades 7 sizes

Plant delivery - CPT

well-established logistics using minivans, trucks, freight cars and even cargo units

100% birch or 100% conifers

High quality of veneer and adhesive materials

Product quality control

Products are manufactured according to GOST standards and technical specifications

Required quantity is always in stock

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Using of transport plywood
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How to cut plywood?
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Our distinguishing features

We are Kazakhstan Woodworking Plant, which has relatively recently started its work but already established a reputation as a high-quality plywood manufacturer! Our plywood is produced in strict compliance with all GOST standards and technical specification. We have all the necessary quality certificates and declarations of conformance. Thus, we provide you with only high-quality and trusted products.

Warehouse for manufactured products
Varieties of plywood
Trusted logistics companies collaborating with us
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Contact us on +7 705 812 62 92 or leave your contact details and we will call you back during business hours

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14 days

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1 day


We will send you an invoice inclusive of shipping. Upon receipt of advance payment, we will put your order into production

2 days

Customs registration

up to 30 days


Goods in stock are shipped on the next after payment receipt. If goods need to be manufactured, then the average production period is 1.5 months

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