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How to cut plywood?

During finishing works, furniture manufacturing, as well as when performing other procedures, many people have a question: how to cut plywood correctly so as not to damage any of the parts of the material. Due to the large size, working with the material can become more complicated. In addition, plywood has a sufficiently high density, which can also affect the quality of the resulting structure. You can achieve excellent results using various construction tools: manual and automatic circular saws, as well as using an electric jigsaw. The most important thing at the same time is to securely fix the plywood, thereby preventing the slightest shifts of the material.

Basic tools

Hand saw. Cutting plywood with a hand saw requires considerable physical effort, due to the strong structural component of the material. However, the use of this method is justified in situations where identical fragments of plywood are required.

If there is no jigsaw at hand, a regular hand saw is also suitable. At the same time, the tool must have frequent and sharp teeth in order to prevent “crumbling” of the material. Both hand tools require physical impact, but with proper dexterity, they can be used to get smooth details.

Circular saw. Circular or circular saws allow you to give plywood almost any shape. However, they are still intended to create rectangular slices. The high speed of rotation of the disc ensures a fast process of cutting the material, but at the same time it is almost impossible to achieve smooth cuts, as with manual work. The choice of discs with small teeth, which are often used during cutting of chipboard or wood, will slightly improve the situation.

Electric jigsaw. Many masters consider this tool to be the best, because it combines the advantages of the previous methods. Such a device allows you to easily cut the material, creating smooth borders and joints. Experienced builders recommend using small saws, as well as avoiding jerky movements when performing the procedure. At the end of the process, it is necessary to clean the ends of the sawn structures with sandpaper.


Based on the above, we can conclude that each method of cutting plywood has the right to life. They should choose one or another tool based on their own preferences, as well as on the conditions of the task. In addition, do not forget that the quality of the material itself plays an important role. If the material does not have the required density, or its other properties do not reach the regulated standards, then the use of any tool will ultimately lead to unsatisfactory results. To prevent such troubles, we recommend ordering plywood from us – we work for results and value our reputation, and hundreds of satisfied customers are proof of that.

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