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Painting plywood

Plywood is one of the most popular building materials. The list of ways to use it is simply huge – starting with exterior and interior decoration and ending with shipbuilding and transport. However, like any material, plywood needs appropriate care and protection. To do this, many masters advise resorting to painting the material. How to do this, we will try to consider in this article.

Preparatory stages

Before you start painting the sheets, it is necessary to perform preparatory work, which includes the processes of drying, grinding and priming plywood. If these procedures are neglected, the staining of the material may lead to an undesirable result.
Drying of plywood. Everything is simple here – most often the material is stored in warehouses where there is dampness. Accordingly, plywood may have a wet coating, which is unacceptable for further procedures. If this happens, then it is necessary to wait for the material to dry completely.
Grinding. This process allows you to clean the surface from various irregularities and give the sheet an aesthetically pleasing appearance. In most cases, this procedure is not required – plywood is often ground by the manufacturer. Manual grinding may not give an ideal result, but if there is no other way out, then the masters advise using sandpaper No. 80 with a large cross section. It is necessary to process the material perpendicular to the veneer fibers.
Priming. This procedure solves many problems. The use of a primer reduces the absorbency of plywood. In addition, the use of primers allows you to increase the adhesion of the material with paints. As a rule, compositions of drying oil or other compositions are used for priming, allowing to fill the pores qualitatively.

Choosing paint for plywood

The question of the choice of paint has a conceptual significance. It is necessary to clearly set the task and know for sure what should be at the output. If you just need to darken the veneer, then using a stain will be enough. It perfectly imitates the effect of an expensive tree. In addition, the stain is an excellent antiseptic. If necessary, the material can be varnished, after which the plywood will acquire a glossy shade. It is advisable to use the varnish at times when it is necessary to preserve the natural appearance of the wooden veneer, only slightly emphasizing the aesthetic appeal of the material. In addition, the use of varnish will increase the degree of protection of plywood from mechanical damage.
If the task is to completely conceal the origin of the material, then a complete painting is required, including the ends. For these purposes, compounds made of urethane and polyurethane are best suited. If the main task is to achieve moisture resistance of plywood, then it is necessary to use pentaphthalic (enamel) paints. Such compositions will reliably protect the material from any influences. Sheets painted with enamel paint are used for exterior decoration, in bathrooms, roofs, etc. – places where there is a possibility of moisture.

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