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Bakelized plywood

Many tasks require an ultra-strong material that is not afraid of the influence of the atmosphere or mechanical influences. For such purposes, bakelite (aviation) plywood serves. In terms of performance, this type of material exceeds almost all analogues. Bakelized plywood is made by gluing veneer layers using special bakelite varnish. The procedure can take place at a temperature of up to 270 C ⁰, which allows you to achieve maximum moisture resistance and refractory values.




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to order from one-piece work to a full batch and in compliance with all quality standards.




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We design and manufacture items

to order from one-piece work to a full batch and in compliance with all quality standards.

Main advantages

Currently, bakelized plywood is successfully used in many industries, since its advantages allow you to perform the most time-consuming tasks. Among the main advantages can be noted:

– Absence of rot and deformation

– Environmental safety of the material

– Light enough weight for material with similar characteristics

– Aesthetic appearance

– Versatility

– Maximum strength level

Application industry

Bakelized plywood has a wide range of applications: in the construction industry, garden buildings, sheds, etc. In addition, bakelized plywood can be used to construct buildings and skin frame structures. In the ship and shipbuilding industry, bakelized plywood can also be used in the design of certain parts.

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