Painting plywood

Plywood is one of the most popular building materials. The list of ways to use it is simply huge – starting with exterior and interior decoration and ending with shipbuilding and transport. However, like any material, plywood needs appropriate care and protection. To do this, many masters advise resorting to painting the material. How to […]

Using of transport plywood

Currently the scope of plywood application is quite high – starting from the construction segment and ending with the aviation, shipbuilding and transport sectors. Many will be baffled by the statement that there is a special plywood that is successfully used in the transport field. This material is called “transport plywood”, but the term is […]

How to cut plywood?

During finishing works, furniture manufacturing, as well as when performing other procedures, many people have a question: how to cut plywood correctly so as not to damage any of the parts of the material. Due to the large size, working with the material can become more complicated. In addition, plywood has a sufficiently high density, […]