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Wall paneling

Currently, the material from recycled wood, called the lining, has gained great popularity. The product has a spike-groove joint. The material has a great demand for interior and exterior decoration.



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to order from one-piece work to a full batch and in compliance with all quality standards.




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We design and manufacture items

to order from one-piece work to a full batch and in compliance with all quality standards.

What is Wall paneling

This lumber is widely known both in Russia and abroad. However, the product has such a strange name only in our homeland, all over the world the material is called as “thin planed board.” The appearance of the name “carriage” is associated with the massive use of material when finishing wagons. To preserve heat inside the car, as well as from external atmospheric influences, many people sheathed the structures with a carriage – it was much cheaper than spending iron on such procedures.

The manufacture of this lumber is quite laborious. The basis of the material can be breeds of both coniferous and deciduous wood. A good choice for interior decoration will be a carriage made of linden, alder, oak. For external finishing, a material of spruce, fir, pine is used. Among the main advantages of lumber are:

1. Aesthetically pleasing appearance
2. Excellent sound and heat insulation properties
3. Environmental cleanliness
4. Light mon

Application industry

As already mentioned, the choice of the desired type of distillation is determined by the tasks currently being performed. This is important to take into account, since each wood species has its own indicators of humidity, strength, etc. – accordingly, not every type of wood is suitable for the desired task. For example, spruce and pine rocks are used at temperatures from -5 to +30 ° C in conditions of low humidity. A lime tree is suitable for a sauna – its use is justified in the interior, but not in the steam room itself. In the recreation room, you can use alder or larch, since both wood species retain their properties at 100% humidity. As for pine, in such a situation it will release resin, which is toxic to the human body, and can also cause a burn. For the exterior decoration of the room, a material with increased resistance to precipitation, temperature changes, sunlight, etc. is required. Such requirements will be met by lining made of larch, cedar or oak. At the same time, it is important to correctly select the thickness of the material, because it depends on how well the room will retain heat.
In this regard, the choice of lining should be taken with great seriousness, avoiding counterfeit and low-quality materials. To avoid any difficulties with the choice of lining, we recommend contacting our company “Kazakhstan Woodworking Plant”. Our managers will help you with the selection of suitable products and will advise you on any questions that arise.

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